Tiny Forest 

Miyawaki Method

The Miyawaki Technique is a unique methodology proven to work worldwide, irrespective of soil and climatic conditions. More than 3,000 forests have been successfully created worldwide using this methodology.

Akira Miyawaki (宮脇 昭, Miyawaki Akira, born 29 January 1928) is a Japanese botanist and expert in plant ecology, specializing in seeds and the study of natural forests. He is active worldwide as a specialist in the restoration of natural vegetation on degraded land. Since 1993, he has been Professor Emeritus at Yokohama National University and Director of the Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology. He received the Blue Planet Prize in 2006. Visit: Afforestt

Growth of a Miyawaki Forest in a city

Introduction of
Miyawaki Forests 

SayTrees has created 15 Miyawaki forests so far with more than 70,000 saplings. More than 7000 volunteers have been part of these forests. Forests have been created in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and soon we will have forests in Noida, bhubaneswar and other cities.

Miyawaki Method  v.s.  Urban Tiny Forest (Breuning)

○ Locations are carefully selected

○ Adequate sun light required

○ Removing existing vegetation (if present)

○ Soil preparation

○ Organic soil improvement added

○ Use of nursery grown plants

○ Irrigation water required

○ Labor intensive at beginning (volunteers)

○ Only on grade possible

○ Costly at the beginning

○ Any locations possible

○ Develops under low sunlight conditions

○ Naturally converting existing vegetation (if present)

○ Soil remains undisturbed

○ Over time soil improvement by plants

○ Natural succession, nature provides plants

○ No irrigation required

○ Ongoing guidance by expert

○ On grade and in ground remote locations possible

○ Lower costs than traditional landscaping

Excited about an URBAN TINY FOREST?
Landowners and visionary sponsors can make this aim a reality.


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